Collector's Pieces

I love seeing my work being exhibited in collector’s homes. It is such a privilege to see where my work has ended up. Thank you so much for sharing where you hang my pieces, they look so beautiful.

My largest painting, ‘Hollows in the Land’ Acrylic, pastel and graphite on canvas

My largest painting, ‘Hollows in the Land’ Acrylic, pastel and graphite on canvas

Liza Mackintosh_Fine Artist
Smaller Painting at the top, ‘Mothlight’ Acrylic and pastel on board. Featured with a Limited Edition Print of ‘Winter Sunset’. Shown with the beautiful print of photographer Moose Azim.

Smaller Painting at the top, ‘Mothlight’ Acrylic and pastel on board. Featured with a Limited Edition Print of ‘Winter Sunset’. Shown with the beautiful print of photographer Moose Azim.

Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours 2019

I am thrilled to announce that two of my paintings on paper have been selected to be exhibited as part of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours 2019 exhibition.

The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 207th Exhibition will be on display in central London, at Mall Galleries between 3 and 18 April 2019. Watercolour is an ancient medium which has been used from the Palaeolithic era to create many of Europe’s cave paintings, and in the Middle Ages for the illustration of manuscripts. The popularity of watercolour painting today can be attributed to a transformation in its use, beginning with the Renaissance, and in which the United Kingdom has played a central role.

The RI’s 207th Exhibition at Mall Galleries is a survey of how contemporary artists are using this age-old medium. The exhibition showcases a diversity of styles and techniques, from traditional uses of watercolours to more experimental and innovative paintings. Works on display include many young painters using water-soluble media in new and exciting ways.

I would love for you to come and visit this exciting exhibition and to explore the many different ways in which artists explore the wonderful medium of watercolour.


Looking back on 2018

lizamackintosh artist

2018 was a great year. The year started with beautiful icy weather, followed by flurries of snow which I find very inspiring. I worked in the studio a lot during this time, creating new work and developing older pieces. I had my Featured Artist event at the Chalk Gallery, Lewes amongst all the snow in February.

During the spring I worked on a series of commissions, including my largest so far for a family at the foot of the Ditchling Beacon, giving me the chance to explore a new viewpoint of the downs for this piece of work.

I had my first exhibition at Artwave West Gallery in Dorset, it was lovely to have my work set in the beautiful landscape of Dorset.

In the summer I had an amazing two week trip up to Scotland where I saw beautiful landscapes and created new work along the way. The drive from Sussex to Inverness gave me the opportunity to take in the stunning British landscape. I found the mountainous terrain in the Scottish Borders particularly breathtaking. We walked a lot during the trip, giving me the chance to really take in the spectrum of colours and textures.

Returning from Scotland I headed straight back to the studio to prepare for my third solo exhibition, ‘A Path Beneath my Feet’ at the Old Brewery as part of the Lewes Art Wave Festival. I was blown away by the opening evening and the reception to my work. I really loved sharing my new work with everyone that was able to come and was so pleased that it was my most successful year so far! I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback, thank you so much to everyone that came to visit and for supporting my work.

Alongside my solo exhibition, I had work selected for the Blue Exhibition at the relatively new Depot space in Lewes, at the Chalk Gallery and had my work selected for the Martyr’s Summer Salon exhibition.

I created a short film of my studio process to give an insight into how the landscape surrounding me changes the direction and results of my paintings.

In September I was thrilled to have had my work accepted into this years SWA annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. It was wonderful to exhibit alongside so many talented women artists.

I have been spending the last months of the year creating a series of smaller studies and a new film of my studio process. I am looking forward to what next year brings and to continue to share developments with you all in the new year. Thank you so much for all your support. I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Studio Insights

Liza Mackintosh

Most days I start my day straight in the studio. I’ll look at the pieces I’m going to work on that day, set up my pallet and squeeze my primary colours on to it. I prefer the authenticity of mixing my own colour; as opposed to using colour straight from the tube. And then I begin to paint, whether starting from scratch or applying finishing layers, which can be finer painted lines, etched marks or oil bars; various mediums.

The change of seasons are very prominent in my work, moving into the East Sussex countryside has bought the change of seasons into my work. The changes I see when walking and collecting materials has a great impact on my choice of colour palette. The changing light between seasons effects the quality of the colours I can see in the landscape. This time of year is particularly inspiring to me as I love the striped back colours of the landscape and the dramatic sunsets and sunrises of the Autumn and Winter months.

Southdowns View_LizaMackintosh

If I am ever lacking inspiration the best thing for me to do is going for a walk, getting into my subject matter. I also find the slow pace of walking immersive as I can really take in what is going on around me and what the landscape is doing, I walk the same route, or a very similar route each day, I take inspiration from seeing the landscape change, the gradual process of life cycling.


Autumn Work

A short video revealing the process of me getting back in the studio after time away for my solo exhibition. I love autumn and the beautiful warm colours that have begun to appear and inspire my new body of work.

A Path Beneath my Feet

Thank you to everyone that visited my solo show, A Path Beneath my Feet, it was wonderful to share my work with you all. I was overwhelmed with positive feedback and response to my work. For those of you who weren't able to make it I have created a film for you to experience my work. Link below. 

Selected for the SWA Exhibition, Mall Galleries

I am thrilled to announce that my painting, 'Wonders Wide Over' has been selected to be exhibited in the Society of Women Artists Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London. The prestigious and exciting exhibition will be opening on the 27th September to 30th September, open 10am - 5pm

Liza Mackintosh

Artwave West Gallery: The Summer Exhibition


I am very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting a collection of paintings at the Artwave West Gallery this Summer. 

''The Summer Show will as always be a visual feast of artworks and will introduce three new artists to the gallery; Internationally renowned painter, COLIN TAYLOR, a member of the MAFA and also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Sculptor, NEIL WOOD who has a number of public sculptures in municipal collections nationwide and LIZA MACKINTOSH whose poetic paintings investigate the multitude of connections within nature.''

The Exhibition will continue until the 11th August, open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm or by appointment. To reserve a piece or for further information about the available artworks please contact the gallery HERE

Please visit the exhibition at: Artwave West, Morcombelake, Bridport, England DT6 6DY


Brighton open house: Grange Gallery Group Show

I am exhibiting my work at the Grange Gallery in Rottingdean with a group of other artists who have responded to the theme 'Wear and Tear' for the Brighton Open House Festival.

The concept of the imperfect and incomplete in the organic world is something that draws my attention as I regularly look at the impact of time on natural forms. My work itself often includes organic materials such as nettles or bark which change over time. The scratched marks in my work also reference the ingrained patterns in nature and the continual changes within the landscape. 

Come along to see the works I've selected in response to this concept. The Green, Rottingdean, BN2 7HA.

The exhibition will be open from 1st May - 27th May, Tuesday - Saturday 2.30pm - 4pm. Sunday 2pm - 4pm. Closed Sunday. 


Featured Artist at Chalk Gallery: 26th February - 18th March

I am excited to announce I will be exhibiting as the Featured Artist at Chalk Gallery, Lewes and will have the opportunity of exhibiting my work in the window and front space of the gallery.

Liza Mackintosh Paintings

The Chalk Gallery, Lewes will be showcasing the artwork of Liza Mackintosh as their Featured Artist 26th February - 18th March 2018. This exhibition will be revealing new abstract paintings, which are strongly influenced by the local natural landscape. Liza's paintings start as an open ended journey that physically and mentally begin with a walk. Liza is fascinated by the multitude of connections in nature, which she allows to overlap within her pieces. Her unique process leads to unexpected works, which provide an original and in depth insight into the landscape. 

'Your paintings are like a secret knowledge, a new perspective of the landscape, the more I look, the more I see'. Exhibition Visitor.

Liza graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in July 2015 and has been shortlisted for numerous awards. She has achieved national gallery representation and continues to develop her artistic practice in her studio in North Chailey.

Liza Mackintosh Artist

Winter in the Studio

Liza Mackintosh

As the season is changing and becoming cold and more exposed I have been out walking collecting the changes and bringing the new discoveries into my works. The sunrise and sets have been dramatic recently, and have influenced the pinks and reds I've included in my recent works. At this time of year, I find the sky is more open and less obstructed by trees and leaves. I love the contrast between the brown and purple trees with the blues of the distance and the skies. 

Winter uncovers distances I find;
And so the cold and so the wintry mind
Takes leaves away, till there is left behind
A wide cold world
(W. Bynner)

Artist in Residence: Chailey Common Society Article

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 14.51.24.png

I am very grateful to have had an article written about my work in the Chailey Common Society's Autumn Magazine:

''If you come across someone walking over Red House Common with a sketchbook in hand, it is most likely to be the artist Liza Mackintosh. Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in July 2015 Liza has made Red House Common central to her rapidly growing body of work. Her most recent exhibition, part of Lewes Artwave, was even called A Walk Towards the Heath. Working from her studio in the chapel tower room at the renovated St Helen's Chapel and drawing on her memory, referencing photographs and outdoor studies, Liza's work is directly influenced by the changing tones, textures and shapes of the common's landscape. Often working on two or three pieces in parallel, and using a limited colour palette, her works are full of movement and energy.

The paintings - which merge acrylics, pastels and graphite with carving and other mark making techniques - combine elements of the figurative with increasing abstraction to evoke the changing habitat, light and atmosphere that characterises the commons. She has several preferred spots on Red House which she returns to time and time again. One particularly favoured source of inspiration is the central wet flush that runs down the north facing slope into the valley. Here she draws and sometimes collects natural material - grasses, bark, leaves, lichen, moss etc - which is later stitched onto her canvases to create three-dimensional pieces. Pattern, repetition and the inter-connections between different elements in the environment are universal themes running through all of these works rather like rhizomes or mycelium. This is a personal exploration of the environment, but one that we can all share.''

Liza is currently represented by Chalk Gallery in Lewes and will be represented by Artwave West in Dorset in the new year. To see examples of Liza's work visit or @lizamackintosh for behind the scenes images on Instagram and look out for her next exhibition.''

by Ian Seccombe

A Walk Towards the Heath, Study III

Summer Inspiration

With longer days and warmer temperatures I have been using the opportunity to collect materials and studies outside for my recent paintings. Inspired by the 'en plain air' concept, my recent body of work focuses on the activity of walking and outdoor studies to inform the resultant works. Enabling work to be directly influenced by the changing colours, forms and materials of the landscape. 

To have exclusive studio insights, news about upcoming events and exhibitons please sign up to my mailing list on the 'contact' page of my website. 

Views in Germany over to the Austrian border.  

Views in Germany over to the Austrian border.  

Summer Salon at the Martyr's Gallery

My painting has been selected to be a part of the Martyr's Gallery 'Summer Salon' Exhibition. The exhibition is taking place from Saturday 8th July - Sunday 30th July (Thursday to Sunday, 12pm- 5pm) at the Star Brewery, Lewes, BN7 IYJ 

Sussex Life Artist in Residence Article

Really excited to be featured in this month's Sussex Life June Magazine as Artist in Residence. My studio interview with Duncan Hall captures the ideas and process behind my artwork and explores how I have taken inspiration from my local landscape, the Chailey Lowland Heath.

To read the full article click on this link: Sussex Life

Sussex Life Liza Mackintosh
sussex life Liza Mackintosh

Recent developments in the Studio

Having produced lots of new drawings based on walks in the East Sussex landscape, the results have been seeping into my larger works.

This connection has been important as I build a new collection of paintings based on the theme, 'A Walk Towards the Heath'. I am very excited to be creating a body of work directly informed by my drawings from a variety of spots in the Lowland Heath, in North Chailey.

Creating first hand studies of the plants, trees, grass etc in the past month has been so exciting, especially as Spring has been changing the landscape so quickly. These observations from my walks and drawing sessions feature, bamboo leaves, unfurling ferns, opening flowers and new growth which have impacted the type of marks I have been making, as well as my choice of colour palette. I have noticed greens and pinks have become more prominent colours. Here are some recent images of the developments taking place!


Drawing Projects

I am currently working on a new collection of drawings from walks in my local natural landscape (the Red House common in East Sussex) as well as natural forms collected from the location. Sitting within the landscape and observing from life will influence my practice as I begin to reference my initial drawings more directly within my finished artworks. I am searching for a balance between the figurative and abstract elements within my work.

In the studio there has always been a struggle between the two. Abstraction enables me to approach broader concepts behind the observational drawings, such as the growth, movement, texture, as well as memories from the landscape. Whereas my figurative drawings ground my artwork to its original source, of the landscape and natural forms. I am excited to be working more consciously on the connection between these elements.

I plan on starting the research with works on paper. I will be regularly posting the process and developments on my Instagram account: lizamackintosh, if you would like more regular updates about my works in progress. 


Current exhibition at New Art Gallery

A collection of my work is now being exhibited at the 'Newart Gallery' in Alfriston. There is the opportunity to see my larger paintings on boards as well as collectable smaller pieces including oil paintings, stitched pieces and works on paper. 

I really enjoyed the opening private view yesterday with live music and the opportunity to discuss my work with visitors. The village of Alfriston is in a beautiful location situated close to both Charleston Farm House (home of the Bloomsbury art group) and Eastbourne's Contemporary Towner Gallery, it would be perfect to combine as an arty day out!

The exhibition is continuing until 28th April and the gallery is open 11am - 5pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Or by appointment, please contact: 

t: 01268 288445 e:

newartgallery private Viewing Liza Mackintosh