Drawing Projects

I am currently working on a new collection of drawings from walks in my local natural landscape (the Red House common in East Sussex) as well as natural forms collected from the location. Sitting within the landscape and observing from life will influence my practice as I begin to reference my initial drawings more directly within my finished artworks. I am searching for a balance between the figurative and abstract elements within my work.

In the studio there has always been a struggle between the two. Abstraction enables me to approach broader concepts behind the observational drawings, such as the growth, movement, texture, as well as memories from the landscape. Whereas my figurative drawings ground my artwork to its original source, of the landscape and natural forms. I am excited to be working more consciously on the connection between these elements.

I plan on starting the research with works on paper. I will be regularly posting the process and developments on my Instagram account: lizamackintosh, if you would like more regular updates about my works in progress.