Artist in Residence: Chailey Common Society Article

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I am very grateful to have had an article written about my work in the Chailey Common Society's Autumn Magazine:

''If you come across someone walking over Red House Common with a sketchbook in hand, it is most likely to be the artist Liza Mackintosh. Since graduating from Wimbledon College of Art in July 2015 Liza has made Red House Common central to her rapidly growing body of work. Her most recent exhibition, part of Lewes Artwave, was even called A Walk Towards the Heath. Working from her studio in the chapel tower room at the renovated St Helen's Chapel and drawing on her memory, referencing photographs and outdoor studies, Liza's work is directly influenced by the changing tones, textures and shapes of the common's landscape. Often working on two or three pieces in parallel, and using a limited colour palette, her works are full of movement and energy.

The paintings - which merge acrylics, pastels and graphite with carving and other mark making techniques - combine elements of the figurative with increasing abstraction to evoke the changing habitat, light and atmosphere that characterises the commons. She has several preferred spots on Red House which she returns to time and time again. One particularly favoured source of inspiration is the central wet flush that runs down the north facing slope into the valley. Here she draws and sometimes collects natural material - grasses, bark, leaves, lichen, moss etc - which is later stitched onto her canvases to create three-dimensional pieces. Pattern, repetition and the inter-connections between different elements in the environment are universal themes running through all of these works rather like rhizomes or mycelium. This is a personal exploration of the environment, but one that we can all share.''

Liza is currently represented by Chalk Gallery in Lewes and will be represented by Artwave West in Dorset in the new year. To see examples of Liza's work visit or @lizamackintosh for behind the scenes images on Instagram and look out for her next exhibition.''

by Ian Seccombe

A Walk Towards the Heath, Study III