Studio Insights

Liza Mackintosh

Most days I start my day straight in the studio. I’ll look at the pieces I’m going to work on that day, set up my pallet and squeeze my primary colours on to it. I prefer the authenticity of mixing my own colour; as opposed to using colour straight from the tube. And then I begin to paint, whether starting from scratch or applying finishing layers, which can be finer painted lines, etched marks or oil bars; various mediums.

The change of seasons are very prominent in my work, moving into the East Sussex countryside has bought the change of seasons into my work. The changes I see when walking and collecting materials has a great impact on my choice of colour palette. The changing light between seasons effects the quality of the colours I can see in the landscape. This time of year is particularly inspiring to me as I love the striped back colours of the landscape and the dramatic sunsets and sunrises of the Autumn and Winter months.

Southdowns View_LizaMackintosh

If I am ever lacking inspiration the best thing for me to do is going for a walk, getting into my subject matter. I also find the slow pace of walking immersive as I can really take in what is going on around me and what the landscape is doing, I walk the same route, or a very similar route each day, I take inspiration from seeing the landscape change, the gradual process of life cycling.