Walks, lines and drawings

Walking in the frosty landscape has been influencing my paintings. I have been thinking about the connections between walking and drawing - how each creates lines and impressions in and of the landscape. I like to push my drawing in directions away from pure figurative mark making. To experiment with the marks I can make as a means to open interpretation and expand the connections created within my work. The lines can be the traces from natural forms, the new trails in the landscapes I walk, and the line the pencil or carving tool makes in the surface. Each are integral parts of my practice. 


Local Landscape

I am based in the East Sussex countryside and am inspired by my surrounding landscape, of open valleys and beautiful heathlands. The Chailey Commons, where I walk daily have become a source of reflection and point of reference in my work.

Collecting organic materials from my walks has led me to physically incorporate them into my pieces, most prominently within my 'Stitched pieces'. These works include bark, twigs, grass etc from the landscape, as well as nettle paper, which I harvested locally and made into paper before stitching into the canvas of these pieces. 

I also use my collected materials such as leaves, branches, shells and rocks as a basis for initial drawings and studies, informing my paintings. The changing seasons, particularly the current autumnal colours have been influencing my choice of palette and inspiring a fresh body of work. I plan to map out and record my findings on the commons and also on nearby Ashdown forest. 

Drawing from the common earlier this year, mapping out my route.