Summer Inspiration

With longer days and warmer temperatures I have been using the opportunity to collect materials and studies outside for my recent paintings. Inspired by the 'en plain air' concept, my recent body of work focuses on the activity of walking and outdoor studies to inform the resultant works. Enabling work to be directly influenced by the changing colours, forms and materials of the landscape. 

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Views in Germany over to the Austrian border.  

Views in Germany over to the Austrian border.  

Local Landscape

I am based in the East Sussex countryside and am inspired by my surrounding landscape, of open valleys and beautiful heathlands. The Chailey Commons, where I walk daily have become a source of reflection and point of reference in my work.

Collecting organic materials from my walks has led me to physically incorporate them into my pieces, most prominently within my 'Stitched pieces'. These works include bark, twigs, grass etc from the landscape, as well as nettle paper, which I harvested locally and made into paper before stitching into the canvas of these pieces. 

I also use my collected materials such as leaves, branches, shells and rocks as a basis for initial drawings and studies, informing my paintings. The changing seasons, particularly the current autumnal colours have been influencing my choice of palette and inspiring a fresh body of work. I plan to map out and record my findings on the commons and also on nearby Ashdown forest. 

Drawing from the common earlier this year, mapping out my route. 

Memories of the Canadian Landscape

Visiting Canada this January, when the landscape was covered in snow and ice, had a strong impact on my work when I returned to the studio. The traces in the snow, the colours and the strong patterns in the sky played in my mind. On returning to England the impact of the landscape began to manifest itself in my work and is evident in the recent colours I have been using and the types of experiments with marks I have made, particularly carving. I began to think about the significance the landscapes I experience have on my work and have begun recording, through drawing, the outside spaces I encounter. 

A Thousand Islands, Ontario, Canada 



Photo from my travels in Ontario, Canada, January 2016

Photo from my travels in Ontario, Canada, January 2016